”Get the innovation buzz going!”

Find out what the concept means and begin talking the talk!

”No one innovates alone”

Innovation workshops and methods will light the bulb!

”I’m creative – I make people innovate”

Inspiration for the creative industries

”We build ships together with artists”

Inspiration for the maritime industry

"Even though these innovations may be small, they are still profitable for the company."
"I was surprised by the openness the companies showed even for rather experimental artistic thinking"

If You Can't Stand The Heat

Innovation means change. Change is resisted. Watch the video illustrating the dilemma and get provoked!


Who am I to innovate?

Fold your own cootie catcher and find out! (In Finnish)



Alf Rehn’s inspiring and easy-to-read-text Seannovation, provides an accurate, research based view into the world of innovation.